Monday, November 12, 2007

Exciting News

Starting December 1 I will be starting a membership. It will be for 6 months and the cost will be $5.00. My kits will remain up for download only for that 6 months. They will then be for sale at a monthly cost at a much higher price. You will get at least 1 kit a month, sometimes more. That is less than a dollar a kit. I feel this is fair because it takes a great deal of time to make these kits. Most of my kits have elements that are drawn and colored or scanned and colored. This coloring takes forever! I will still offer an occasional freebie from the kits, it will be seperate from anything in the kit. I will be adding a buy now button soon. If you wish to join before December 1st you may and I will e-mail you the password as soon as the first kit is ready for download. As a special treat there will be three kits to download to begin the membership. It will be the Circus kit, the Dance kit (see sneek peek below), and the Something Fishy Kit.

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cindyrelly said...

Hi Donna ;) I made a freebie with your buttons from Ephemeral Victorian and they are on my Blog! Thank You soooo much :) Have a Great Weekend!