Sunday, December 2, 2007

Membership Changes and good news

I have been so overwhelmed (and thankful) with the response to my membership club that I have had to make a few changes.

Those that are already members these changes will not change for you, your membership will continue as before.

Starting today I will make the kits available by months.

That way all kits can be downloaded by that one password and I won't be spending so much time sending the password to everyone each time a new kit is added.

I will just post the preview here and you will know that a new one has been uploaded. The prices for the kits will be different as well starting today. I am working on getting all this set up so please be patient.

I have been asked to add a 1 month membership so that will be done.

For the good news I have now uploaded Color My World and the members should have their passwords in the mail.

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